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TS1 Tongue vacuum cleaner

TS1 Tongue Vacuum Cleaner

Until now tongue cleaning has not been a regular part of the oral prophylaxis procedure because it has been seen as too complicated and often too unpleasant for the patient. However, due to the high level of bacteria on the tongue (approximately 57.3 percent of the total bacteria in the mouth according to Quirynen et al. 2009), the coating on the tongue plays a leading role in the intra-oral causes of halitosis. Thorough oral cleansing should therefore always include deep-cleansing of the tongue.
The solution for dental surgeries
The TS1 Tongue Vacuum Cleaner is an effective solution for professional deep-cleansing of the tongue in dental surgeries. The TS1 easily fits onto the saliva ejector of the treatment unit, thereby enabling gentle and effective removal of bacterial tongue coatings.

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